Manage My Car Park


Our self-ticketing parking enforcement service.

Manage My Car Park is our self-ticketing enforcement application (app) that fully integrates with other Atria software allowing car park management operations to all work seamlessly in real-time.

Our self-ticketing service allows your clients to capture and record contraventions in a controlled manner, providing time stamped photographic evidence, accurate vehicle, and contravention details, direct from their mobile device.We use the images to process a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) using our back-office system. Car park operators can validate that tickets are correct and within the boundaries of the car park.  

You do not need to install signage, or use Warden Operatives for issuing parking charges, making car park management more convenient for you.

Our innovative mobile application provides your clients with the confidence that parking is available for authorised users.

The app was developed from the UK’s largest self-ticketing platform which is currently used to provide services on over 800 client sites.


We can help you manage the performance of car park sites with our efficient parking management system.

The app allows you to onboard self-ticketers much more efficiently, managing the entire process with the IPC.

• More sustainable - paperless set-up meaning reduced paper use.

• Efficient – real-time reporting, reduced errors (from paper tickets), self-ticketing also allows for a reduction in warden resources and increasing your revenue while also providing a compensation payment to the self-ticketer.

• Convenience - the app can record contravention data direct from a mobile device, it gives the self-ticketer a step-by-step guide on the information they need to provide, making the whole process more streamlined.

• User friendly – the app is easy to use as a self-ticketing service with a dedicated support team in your back office.

• GPS mapping tool – helps your clients accurately define car park boundaries.

• With seamless integration to our other Atria systems, we can help you with your car park management.

Our expert team are here to help you transform car park management.



Our expert team at Atria are always happy to help. We can offer a no-obligation chat to find the best solution for your car park management.

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