We do things differently

Atria is part of the Agena Group. The Agena Group formed in 2019 as a UK based multi-disciplinary company. We specialise in parking and software solutions. Our mission is to disrupt industry norms, to innovate, and to provide professional, ethical, customer-focused services.

Atria offers an exciting, client-focused set of products. But like the technology, our team never stands still. We’re innovating, improving, and consulting with customers to deliver products that provide maximum benefit for our clients.

The expert team in Atria is already working on new enhancements to our technology solutions and will be bringing brand new products to the market, setting us out further from the competition. We also work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that we are providing responsive, effective services.

Atria is aiming to become the most trusted provider of technical solutions in the parking sector. We’re here to help you think differently about parking software solutions.


Atria has changed the way we manage our sites/clients, the ease of third-party integration and support has made a big difference to our service offering as a leading car park operator.”

Steve, UK Parking Patrol Office


Want to find out more? Give us a call. Our expert team at Atria are always happy to help. We can offer a no-obligation chat to find the best solution for your car park management.

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