integration with third-party systems

Thinking of moving over to Atria but concerned about integration with your other
systems? You have nothing to worry about. Our software allows you to seamlessly
integrate with a range of third-party systems that you already use to manage your
business. This includes but is not limited to parking payment applications, debt recovery companies, and pay and display machines. Our full list of integration
partners is provided on this page. If a partner is not listed below, don’t worry. Our
open platform and APIs mean that we can integrate with new third-party systems
quickly and easily.


We offer various DVLA integrations supporting both paper and electronic KADOE requests, including a fully automated solution with the facility to monitor the performance of your requests to the DVLA with a daily tracker.


Our payments integration allows real-time synchronisation between sessions and
enforcement. This supports you in running your business efficiently, effectively, and
in a way that benefits your customers, offering convenience and flexibility. We offer integration with the following third-party parking payment companies:


Our ANPR integration is used across the UK parking industry. This allows you to
process ANPR images and extend enforcement hours (among many other things).
We offer integration with the following partners:


Our debt recovery and legal integrations offer clients the ability to manage the
allocation of cases, provide status updates and resolve queries for specific Parking
Charge Notices (PCNs). We offer integration with the following partners:



Our expert team at Atria are always happy to help. We can offer a no-obligation chat to find the best solution for your car park management.

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