Reduce costs and get paid faster

Manage parking charges issued to hired, leased or fleet vehicles

Traditionally, once a PCN has been issued, parking operators would send a request to the DVLA for keeper details, they then post a Notice To Keeper to the hire company, wait to receive the hirer’s details, manually process the subsequent transfer of liability and then post a Notice to Hirer.

Often hirer details can be delayed or lost in the post creating liability issues and reducing payment rates.

With Fleet, ticket issuers can now connect directly to vehicle leasing companies to standardise, monitor and automate the process of transferring the liability for a ticket to the vehicle hirer.

When a match is found, the look-up avoids DVLA fees, connection fee, printing, postage and manual processing of hirer details by dealing directly with the Fleet/Lease company.

How Fleet works

Before sending the data request to the DVLA, the parking operator runs an automated check.

If the vehicle is owned by a hire company, the parking operator automatically gets the hirer’s details.

A Notice to Hirer can be sent immediately, saving time and money.


Reduce the cost to process a Transfer of Liability, improve revenues and bring forward cash flows

• Avoid DVLA request and associated fees

• Reduce printing and postage costs

Reduce the time taken to process Transfer of Liability and minimise the likelihood of delays, errors & miss-liability

• Remove all manual processing and postage risks



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