Introducing e-Permits by Atria

Our industry-leading car park management E-Permit solution.

Our E-Permits software solution integrates seamlessly with other Atria products, including Hub, Mobile, and Insights software. This cloud-based software is available to access through a web browser, tablet, or mobile device.

Our innovative E-Permit solution brings a modern approach to parking management. The service makes parking management easier for clients in the NHS, Universities, and Residential sectors, without the need for maintaining physical permits.

This new permit system is better for motorists too, without the need to display physical parking permits on their dashboard, parking is more convenient and more sustainable. The system will also track whether a permit has been issued to single or multiple vehicles, so you should see a reduction in the misuse of your car park permits.

Our system is available for you to access through a web browser, tablet, or mobile device. We will supply you with the E-Permit software for your clients. All they will need is a client login and internet connection.

We’re aiming to offer an ethical, sustainable, and alternative approach to parking enforcement.


Our software is ideal for use in healthcare, education, and residential sectors.

The cloud-based system can be accessed easily from your clients’ mobile device making parking more convenient.

• Easy to maintain – there is no need for physical permits, all E-Permits are stored in a secure database.

• More sustainable as a paperless set-up.

• More convenient for motorists and their clients.

• Dedicated support team.

• User friendly service.  

Our expert team are here to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

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