We use data to drive your parking business growth.

Insights is cloud-based software that gives you a real-time window into your parking business. It is flexible, agile, and more advanced than other car park management reporting software. 

Developed by parking industry experts, Insights gives you a detailed understanding of your parking business and how it is performing.  Available through a web browser, tablet, or mobile device, you have all the data you need on the move to track the performance of your parking business. It also integrates seamlessly with our Hub, Mobile, and ANPR software.

You can use Insights to understand the impact of the Parking Act or other major changes to legislation on your business, review your team’s or individual car park site performance in real-time, improve operational efficiency of your car parks, or increase your revenue. If you could know today how your business is going to perform not just next week or next month but in the next year, wouldn’t you want to? 


In a fast-paced world, everything changes at speed.

Why should your parking management reporting be any different? Our software provides near real-time analysis and is more advanced than any other car park management system reporting solution. It gives reassurance for business owners on the move. Insights future-proofs your parking business with a cloud-based platform. 

• Review your business performance in real-time

• Monitor performance of individual locations / car park sites

• Monitor team and individual warden performance

• Predict future impact of major changes to legislation

• Improve business efficiency and increase your car park revenue

• Understand the performance of your field teams, analyse time spent patrolling verses travelling, understand issuance volumes by warden

• Set targets for your teams and track progress against those targets

• Evaluate the performance of a warden for cancellations, payments, and appeals.

If you want to use Insights but need a little help getting started, our expert team are here to help you quickly navigate your way to a positive business impact.

We offer a set of parking software solutions that allow greater flexibility, a rapid return on investment, at an optimised total cost. At a time of major industry change, when agility is vital, Insights is no longer optional. 



Our expert team at Atria are always happy to help. We can offer a no-obligation chat to find the best solution for your car park management.

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