Overview - WHAT IS ANPR?

Efficient solution for large / complex, busy parking schemes.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software has been developed to monitor and capture vehicle registration number plates. Our ANPR software is used to automatically identify vehicles that have overrun their allowed parking period. It is the perfect solution for multiple car park sites, or large, busy parking schemes. 

The ANPR system identifies any vehicles that have breached a contravention based on the date and time that vehicle entered/exited the car park, and the specified contraventions e.g. No Permit / Overstay / Non-Payment.  

Once the ANPR system has identified possible overstay cases and / or non-payment or any other specified contraventions, the data is transferred seamlessly to Hub, and for each case, the vehicle registration number, entry time, and images are transferred. This allows you to review vehicle information. It will include all information needed to then issue any required Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) direct from your Hub. All you need to do is verify the vehicle information and issue the PCN.

Benefits - WHY USE ANPR?

We’re here to help you manage the performance of your car park sites with our market-leading matching engine.

At the core of our thinking is an in-depth solution that prevents additional time spent monitoring thousands of images at a time, which allows more time to spend running the business.  

• Manage large / complex / busy parking sites efficiently

• Cloud scale solution which is proven and capable to process
millions of ANPR events per day

• Monitor car park compliance and what proportion of visitors are
breaching car park conditions

• Provide usage behaviour reporting including car park utilisation,
peak periods, average dwell time and repeat visits

• Review how your contravention process is performing at a location
and contravention checker / agent level

• Review the technical performance of your car park locations

• Understand trends of seasonality of your car park sites

• Proactively plan car park site maintenance programmes

• Automate processes, access control and payment systems.

Our software is ideal for use in healthcare, education, hospitality,
retail and leisure, and transport.



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