Easy parking management and enforcement all in one place.

Hub is a web-based system to help you manage your car parks. It offers more than Parking Charge Notice (PCN) management and includes all areas of parking management and enforcement. Our software makes parking management and enforcement easier for private car park operators, NHS Trusts, Colleges, and Universities. 

Whether you use ANPR systems, warden managed car parks, self-ticketing solutions or barrier-controlled systems, or fully automated permit management systems, we have the software solution that saves you time and money.

Hub provides complete oversight of your business, so that you can see everything you need to manage your car parks, in one place. It provides all the information you need on PCN issuance at all your car park sites, up to date results on revenue collection, and real-time performance management. 

Our Hub system is flexible, agile, and packed with features to manage all areas of your parking operation. Our licensing model is very simple - you get access to all the software for one price, no additional charges for different modules or storage, just a single price that includes everything you need.

Benefits - WHY USE HUB?

Our Hub software saves you time and money when managing your car parks.

You can measure real-time performance across all car park sites. At the core of our thinking is a simple goal, to reduce your administration and support your business growth. 

• Everything you need to manage your locations / car park sites, in one place

• Review daily and monthly performance data

• Review site level performance on PCN issuance

• Fully integrated online payment portal and payment telephone line

• Online appeals portal with direct integration into Hub

• Permit management capability with client portal to enable your customer to manage permits on their sites

• Support for various DVLA integrations, including fully automated solution, with facility to monitor the performance of your requests to the DVLA with a daily tracker

• Import Utility – with hub you can seamlessly import data from files e.g., CSV format

• Task Management – you can assign tasks to parking wardens or field staff e.g., maintenance jobs / installations

• E-Parking integration – we can offer integration with payment machines / exemption tablets and cashless parking providers

• Hybrid mail capability to automate the print and fulfilment
of customer correspondence

• Includes seamless integration with several third-party systems.
For a full list of all partners, see our integration page here.

With Hub all you need is internet access, and you can manage the performance of any of your car park sites with our efficient parking management system. We provide excellent customer support to ensure that all our clients’ parking operations can operate smoothly and maximise business performance and revenue.



Our expert team at Atria are always happy to help. We can offer a no-obligation chat to find the best solution for your car park management.

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